Weekly Data Export

Pending and Active License Records Data Export

    Data Export files are zipped files containing pending and active license data and are refreshed every Wednesday.

    • Fixed-Width Format

      This is a zipped file that contains the raw data (ASCII format, fixed-length fields). It may be too large for some versions of Excel.

      Please read the ABC_Data_layout.pdf document first, as it has code definitions and record layout information.

      Download Acrobat Reader

    • CSV Format (Excel friendly)

      This is zipped file containing the raw data in Comma Separated Value format. Each record begins on a new line, and each data field is separated by a comma. The first line is a header containing the field names.

      CSV files can be viewed in most versions of Excel and spreadsheet apps.

    • new Excel File (Formated)

      To open the Excel file requires Excel 2010 or greater and 64 bit version.