Person To Person Transfer - Limited Liability Company

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    List of forms for a Person to Person Transfer - Limited Liability Company application.

    Form NameForm Description
    ABC-211-SIG Application Signature Sheet ("Sign On") - Signature page for applicants who are unable to appear at the ABC district office to sign the application Form ABC-211. Signatures must be notarized.
    ABC-217 Application Questionnaire - Signatures must be notarized or witnessed by an ABC Employee. See form instructions.
    ABC-208-A/B, Individual Personal Affidavit/Individual Financial Affidavit - Must be completed by (a) sole owners; (b) each general partner; (c) persons holding 10 percent or more of the capital or stock of a corporation, limited liability company, or limited partnership; and (d) spouses. Signatures must be notarized or witnessed by an ABC employee.
      State-issued identification, driver's license or passport for person(s) appearing at ABC to sign application.
    ABC-253 Supplemental Diagram - Drawing of the real property you own or otherwise control. An exterior view of the premises and surrounding area, including cross streets.
    ABC-257 Licensed Premises Diagram/Planned Operation - Drawing of your floor plan, including overall dimensions and patios to be licensed, and description of proposed operation.
      You may need to provide verification (proof) of the source of your funds (e.g., bank statements, savings passbooks, loan papers, real estate papers, financial statement, gift/loan letters, etc.).
    ABC-211-A License Transfer Request ("Sign-Off") - Signatures must be notarized or witnessed by an ABC employee. See form instructions.
    ABC-227 Notice of Intended Transfer (Section 124073 or 24074) - Required for transfers. Obtain the blank form from ABC or your escrow company. Must be recorded and certified. See form instructions.
    ABC-256- LLC Limited Liability Company Questionnaire.
      Copy of Form LLC-1, Aricles or Organization - Obtain from Secretary of State (916) 653-3365.
      Copy of Form LLC-5, Application for Registration as Foreign Limited Liability Company (endorsement file stamped by Secretary of State) - For out-of-state limted liability companies.
    ABC-140 Certificate re Chapter 15 Tied-House Restrictions - Required for corporations, limited partnerships and limited liability companies. For applicant entity only (not its parents, related entities, or individuals).
      Copy of written Operating Agreement and any amendments, if any (if Designated LLC Manager, Managing Member, or Designated officer to sign on behalf of all parties, that person/company must be listed in the agreement).

    For Fees and an appointment to file your application, contact the District Office.

    Failure to fully complete all the necessary forms, may result in the delay of filing and processing your application.