R.B.S. - Responsible Beverage Service Training Provider Program

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    Program Overview

    Between October 1, 2006 and March 31, 2009, the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) operated under a grant from the Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) which was designed to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of Responsible Beverage Service (RBS) training programs, as utilized by the ABC and other public and private RBS providers throughout the state.

    RBS training is a community-based approach to promote public safety and to reduce risks associated with the retail alcohol environment. RBS has three essential elements: the adoption of alcohol-service policy for ABC-licensed establishments; the providing of server education and guidance; and the development of partnerships between law enforcement, local government and community groups.

    Through the grant, the Director of the Department established the RBS Training Advisory Board, a body tasked with reviewing the latest literature and scientific research findings for presenting effective RBS training programs, and making curriculum recommendations. The Advisory Board was made up of representatives from the hospitality industry, educational organizations and community-based non-profit organizations (RBS Advisory Board). The Advisory Board recommended standardized RBS educational objectives and provided guidance to the Director for the establishment and publication of best practices curriculum guidelines and instructional techniques.

    RBS training providers are encouraged to utilize the recommended curriculum components and incorporate them into their respective programs. Neither the Director nor the Department evaluates, approves, recommends or endorses curricula or programs. If a provider wishes to be listed, they may submit their name, contact details, and a statement agreeing to incorporate best practices in their training programs to:



    Alcoholic Beverage Control
    Attention: Brandon Shotwell
    3927 Lennane Dr. Ste 100
    Sacramento, CA 95834

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