Frequently Asked Questions


These are ABC's most frequently asked questions about:ABC ADMINISTRATION

Q. 1. How was ABC created?

A. ABC was created by constitutional amendment effective January 1, 1955, as an independent department of the executive branch of the State government. The Board of Equalization no longer has any responsibility in liquor control matters except as a taxing authority. (Section 22 of Article XX, California Constitution)

Q. 2. What is the organizational structure of ABC?

A. ABC is headed by a Director who is appointed by the Governor.
For administrative purposes ABC has two Divisions: the Northern Division and the Southern Division. Each Division is divided into districts on the basis of population and geographical needs. (Section 22 of Article XX, California Constitution)

Q. 3. What are the powers of ABC?

A. ABC has the exclusive power, in accordance with laws enacted, to license and regulate the manufacture, importation and sale of alcoholic beverages in this State. It also has the power for good cause to deny, suspend or revoke any specific alcoholic beverage license. (Section 22 of Article XX, California Constitution)