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Q. 122. What records are retail licensees required to keep?


  1. On-sale and off-sale general licensees must keep the original bills and invoices of distilled spirits purchased.
  2. Off-sale licensees must keep records on all deliveries made away from the premises. (Section 23334 and Rule 17)

Q. 123. Are retail licensees required to give sales invoices with liquor sold?

A. If the customer takes delivery at the licensed premises, it is not necessary. If an order is received for the delivery to the consumer's home, the delivery must be accompanied with a dated and numbered invoice showing the quantity, brand, proof and price of the alcoholic beverages, and the name and address of the consumer purchaser. The invoice must have printed or stamped on it the name and address of the off-sale licensee. (Rule 17)

Q. 124. Are licensees, other than retailers, required to keep records for departmental review?

A. Generally, yes. Licensees who manufacture, import, sell or distribute alcoholic beverages must keep records at the licensed premises for a period of three years. (Section 25752 and Rule 17).